How to backup your iDevices using iCloud or iTunes

There are two methods for backup your idevice

  • Backup using iCloud
  • Backup using iTunes

Backup using iCloud

  • Connect to Wi-Fi on your idevice.

You should confirm whether wifi is turn on  ,your idevice will search available networks through settings→  wifi


If you want join  to network you’d click on the name of the Wi-Fi then  you can  imgres see near to wifi network, and imgres in the upper-left side of your idevice.


  • click on Settings > iCloud > Backup.
  • Turn on icloud Backup
  • Tap on backup
  • Finished backup click on Settings > iCloud > Storage > Manage Storage

Back up automatically in iCloud
Turn on iCloud Backup.
Next idevice will automatically update when it is connected to the  WiFi connection.
Then  screen is locked.

Backup using iTunes

  • First connected your idevice to computer and open iTunes.
  • After connected your device  click on File > Devices > Back up.
  • You can see the backup process whether it is successfully by click on  iTunes Preferences > Devices

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