How to find your iOS version

There are a few ways to find iOS version running on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad.
The well known ways are,

  • Check using device settings
  • Through iTunes

But there is an easy way to find your iDevice version. You can just visit our find my iOS version service and it will simply display the running iOS version.

How to check using device settings.

  • First select the settings in the menu of your home screen
  • Tap on General
  • Tap on About

After finishing the above steps you will see installed iOS version.

Let’s see how we can find  iOS version  iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad  through iTunes

  • First you should download the latest version of iTunes from the Apple website
  • Connect your device using the USB cable and  open iTunes on your computer
  • Then it will appear iOS device on the left side of the iTunes window
  • Select the device.
  • Finally click on the Software Version in the Summary tab (right side of the iTunes window)

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